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My roots are strong and deep

So damnit I got an email from Barnes and Noble offering me 25% off of a book purchase, so I decided I wanted to browse the site and see what they had, etc.

The browsing prompted me to look for some used and out-of-print books I've been planning to purchase for a long time, and this process in turn led me to renew my interest in tracking down some first editions of the Nancy Drew books I read avidly as a child.

So, I bought (presumed) first editions of


(minus dust jackets) and I want this so badly I can taste it (including the original Russell Tandy dust jacket in good condition--holy shit!!!)

Sigh. I am a fucking sucker for old books DAMNIT. I am also going to purchase an out-of-print biography on Longfellow by Newton Arvin, a former Smith professor who died in 1963, a couple years after his home was raided by the police because he was gay...anyway his writing style is phenomenal and the book got excellent reviews in its time. So WOOHOO I'm excited about that.

In other news, I finished Snow Crash Wednesday evening and I flew through the first 3 installments of Lone Wolf and Cub. I am itching for reading (apparently I am craving media in general...), and I think I'm going to read Cryptonomicon next.

Oh oh oh and I saw Taxi Driver last weekend (wow...so good) and I plan to see Goodfellas sometime in the next week.

Other than that, I've been spending a lot of time to myself and I fucking love it. I had forgotten what it was like to spend time in silence or with music, and it's pretty incredible. I've also seen a lot of people recently with whom I hadn't hung out in god knows how long. It's nice to catch up with people.

Alrighty well. Going to distract myself elsewhere while I wait impatiently for my books to get here!!!!!!!!!
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