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It's like learning a new language

Rented two David Lynch films from TLA today (Eraserhead and Inland Empire)(thank you Chad). Looking forward to increasing my exposure to good cinema. I think my next rentals will be Scorsese films because I kinda feel like I'm missing out on something by only having seen Gangs of New York.

Today I sent out a lot of emails that I'd been putting off. And I spent a significant amount of QT with myself. I even spent my shift in special collections alone and silent in the A-cage in the basement of Canaday. It just might be my favorite place on campus; it's completely surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling painted [beige] chain-link fence [hence, "A-cage"], so I've 50 or 60 square feet to myself, but it's filled with stacks of old books that smell sweet and dusty, as well as thousands of random knickknacks left by crazy old Bryn Mawr alums/professors/donors. I was surprisingly entertained in spite of the fact that I had no music and the computer down there is so old that it can't connect to the Bryn Mawr server anymore.

I've done a lot of thinking. I definitely feel more clear-headed than I have in the past few weeks. As of late I've just been wandering around in a self-possessed, self-pitying stupor. I think the fog has lifted for the time being, which has inspired some relief, as well as some calm, in me.

I smell food and I should probably eat.
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