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So I just blew $8 on the world's slowest wireless internet (STUPID AIRPORTS!), so I figure I will make good use of my time, and update.

Currently sitting in JFK, waiting for my 6:25 to London. It's weeeeeeeeeeeeeeird.

Saw Roger Waters live. Best show I've ever been to in my whole life. Wish it were twenty years ago and I could have seen the real Pink Floyd. Ah well.

Beth got back on Monday. We have somehow managed to cram a lot of the highlights of last summer into 2 days. I must say, I'm pretty impressed with us.

I feel relieved today. It's the first in a while that I can just sit back and, literally, enjoy the ride. It's not that I have nothing that I really should be doing; rather it's more like I have an excuse to put those things to the wayside until I get settled in Avignon. So take THAT, Stress and Guilt! I have temporarily restricted you from getting the better of me!

Man I just realized I have very little to say. I'm going to try to come home to SC at the end of August, but that depends on whether or not I deplete my funds during my trip to Baltimore, and possibly LA, if they accept my proposal and manuscript list.

I just finished Ham on Rye. It's the only for-pleasure book I put in my carry-on bag, and I can't decide whether or not that was a good decision...

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