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Brief break from papering before my fucking head explodes.

First of all CARO YOU'RE HOME YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! I got your message yesterday, and I'm finishing exams (obviously, I suppose), so I'll call you when everything settles this weekend.

Secondly, I keep putting off a three-hour exam because it's going to suck and because I have been working on the same fucking paper for four days. Recently, writing papers has felt like a bad case of stomach flu; I keep vomiting and vomiting and I'm still not done yet. I have a fifteen-pager after this ten-pager I'm working on, and I still have that three-hour exam. I don't know what's happened to my brain (or maybe I do), but I just can't pop papers out like I used to. And I'm SO. FUCKING. BURNT OUT. And I still have summer and a whole year to go. I'm just ready. Goddamnit!

So I'm pushing back the exam I was originally going to take yesterday at 2, and then decided to take today at 9:30 (and then again today at 2) to 7 this evening. I just want this paper to be OVER! I am so frustrated. And then tomorrow, after everything's finished and turned in by 12:30 PM, I have work at Wyndham at 2. And then again on Saturday morning. And then again on Sunday. Woe is me, people. I'm hoping that if I get all my whiney out on here, I won't be whiney in person, which is a plus, right?

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