*sometimes*i'm*dreaming* (celestialbliss) wrote,

So instead of working on my paper...

I'm going to make a post woohoo.

So, summer plans. I have a paper due today. I have two papers due next Friday, and sometime between now and noon on the 18th, I have to take a self-scheduled French exam.

Starting Friday, May 18, until Wednesday, June 13, I will be working at Wyndham on campus, like I did last summer. Since I finally heard back today from the Free Library in Philly, I will be spending significant amounts of time there and in the Special Collections section of Canaday Library here at Bryn Mawr, poring over medieval French and Northern European books of hours...praying I find something that will help me with the thesis whose topic I haven't even discovered yet.

On June 13th, I'll fly out of NYC in the evening and travel overnight to Paris, where I will almost immediately catch a train to take me 400 miles to Avignon, where I will spend 6 weeks living in an apartment with my friend Lauren and taking two classes (one on art in Provence and the other on contemporary French political/social culture), and hopefully becoming (almost) fluent in French.

I will return to the States at 2:30 PM on July 29, where I will most likely spend two weeks in NYC looking at more old books with pretty pictures. Then I will spend a week in LA at the Getty Museum; I hope to visit some graduate schools while I'm there.

I spilled coffee on my brand new laptop last night. I have owned a laptop for over three years now, and never once have I spilled liquid on it. I buy a brand new one, and I fuck it up within the first month. I broke my keyboard. It's awful.

Sigh. Back to paper writing.
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