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To all you haters out there (literally)...

This just in: Men do not choose to be gay.

WHOA. Concept.

However, sexuality is fluid in ladies. :)

Short update. I got enough money to go to Avignon so YAY! That means I'll be in Philly until June 14, I'll be in France from June 14 - July 29, and then I'll be all over the place for the last month of break. I am currently in the Lusty Cup, and I should be working but instead I'm updating. Mmhmm.

I have watched several episodes of South Park in the past few days, and I have discovered that the show is truly genius, even if it is incredibly painful to watch.

For the first time in weeks, I do not feel guilty about anything. As of late, I have been motivated primarily by guilt--it's how I get my work done, and the reason I feel like every bad thing that happens is the end of the world--and for the first time in a while, I feel generally contented (in spite of the fact that I have a thousand things to do and I have done nothing this evening...).

So la-di-da. I'm going to pretend to work now.
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