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I care because, well, I care because you do.

Distracted. Trying to write a paper on an 18th-century French prostitute. Need break to get here, but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards.

I'm so tired. I need to relax, and I feel like all I have to await me this spring break are obligations. I have to read two books, write one paper, and finish two scholarship applications. DAMN YOU, school. DAMN YOU.

Going to NYC this weekend to see fun things with Bethtar. Hopefully I'll get to visit Columbia to see if it would be a fit for grad school.

Buying a new laptop and an external HD on Monday. My old one has become a dinosaur. :( He will still be useful, though, as a storage unit for music and movies.

I got $3600 for summer research, so that's a yay.

Work time. Maybe I'll update again when I need another break.
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